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About SocieTees

!Welcome to SocieTees...!
Your one-stop shop for the best custom clothing for university societies and clubs.

Here at SocieTees, we specialise in custom printed clothing, including hoodies, polo shirts, t-shirts and more. With a range of products to choose from all in a selection of colours and sizes, whatever you’re after, you can be sure to find here. We make it easy for you to personalise any item with your logo or artwork - just send us a .jpeg file of your design and we’ll print or embroider it onto anything. From society logos to outrageous nicknames, we can do it all.

With our simple online process, ordering custom clothing for your society has never been easier. Avoid the hassle of ringing up your local print and embroidery shop, or even having to visit them, by coming to Here, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you want - including design, quantities, colour and more - all available at the click of a button and in the comfort of your student home. Meaning you can spend your precious time doing more important things for your society (like arranging your next night out).

You won’t beat us on simplicity of ordering, customer service or finished product. At SocieTees, we pride ourselves on producing the best custom printed and embroidered clothing. We love to customise clothes for any and every occasion, using state of the art printing and embroidering techniques. Accompanied with the highest quality clothing lines with our design skills, we are the number one supplier to university societies all over the UK.

!How do I place an order?!
Just follow these simple steps to get the best, custom printed and embroidered clothing for your university society or club:

  • 1. Choose your products

  • 2. Select the colour and size that takes your fancy

  • 3. Send us your logo/artwork along with your other requirements using our easy online tool

  • 4. Checkout with our secure payment service

  • 5. Our graphics team will then be in touch with you for design approval

  • 6. Your new clothing will be ready for you in around 7-10 days!

Our Six Commandments

Thou shalt not compromise quality for profit
Quality is our primary aim; we offer top quality garments complimented by the best print and embroidery techniques in the industry.

Thou shalt not be greedy
Unlike many other custom clothing companies, we do not have a minimum order policy. Great news for any late joiners to your club, as it means no more standing out and looking like a sore thumb on socials and society meetings.

Thou shalt always give quantity discounts
It’s as simple as economies of scale (business students know what I’m talking about). As a sports team or society, you may need to purchase large quantities; we reward you for this by offering a sliding scale to bulk buying. The more you buy, the less you pay – simple.

Thou shalt work solidly hard in the week and rest on the Sabbath
We’re proud to offer a speedy turnaround on all orders, ensuring you only have to wait 7-10 days from when the order is placed.

Thou shalt refine our ordering process until it can’t possibly get any easier
Our online shop has been designed specifically with ease of use in mind. No need to make a series of phone calls to finalise the order, everything is done online.

Thou shalt respect the student loan
We have always offered the most competitive prices around and we value every single order; because without you lot, we wouldn’t be here.